Body Beautiful

Body Beautiful is one of Sol Central's more recent additions offering an array of beauty treatments for both men and women. Located on the lower floor near the car park entrance, Body Beautiful cater for all your relaxation and beauty needs from a selection of nail treatments, spray tans, facials and threading.  

Lash FX individual eyelash extensions are the new 'must have' salon treatment! Lash FX extensions look and feel natural, while opening up the eyes and dramatically framing them.
They are available in various lengths, curvatures and thickness, from natural to dramatic, to full. Because each lash extension is applied directly on to a natural eyelash they will fall out as part of the ordinary life cycle of an eyelash.
Lash FX extensions can last up to 4-6 weeks but will look best with top ups every 2-3 weeks.

Shellac and Gelish nails - A stronger and longer lasting nail polish available for your hands and feet. This new treatment is offered for natural nail plates and offers a longer lasting finish to your nails, drying in minutes without any harm to your natural nails. Keep your tan all year round with our great spray tans available in four amazing shades; light, medium, dark and extreme, offering you the right shade for your skin tone and desired look. Each spray tan is carefully air brushed on by our experts giving you an even and natural looking tan. Body Beautiful also offer a number of additional products, for more information please view our price list or contact us for more details or to make a booking.

Stand-up sunbed - Combining high performance tanning with revolutionary skincare to provide an unique and rejuvenating experience. The Stand-up sunbed features 48 high-powered tanning tubes, 4 Collagen plus tubes and 100 high-performance LEDs to induce collagen production and skin moisturising leading to a better tan. 

Microblading is a revolutionary technique that creates a natural hair stroke with semi permanent makeup. The new innovative technique creates 3 dimensional brows rather than a solid brow. This natural form of semi permanent makeup that mimics your own hair, leaves eyebrows looking stunning and so natural. 

Introducing our new skin care treatments and products. Here at Body Beautiful we would like to introduce our new skin care range and treatments. MONUSKIN. MONUSKIN is a beautiful skin care range with over 30 years of experience. The products contains natural ingredients including essential oils and plant extracts. They all smell divine. No animal testing - all of the products are tested on human volunteers. There is no artificial colours, no artificial fragrance and no sodium lauryl sulphate.

To make an appointment call the salon on 01604 633678 or book online with our new app. To download the app simply go onto the App Store and download OVATU YOU.




Express Facial (monuskin) £15 
Aromatic Facial (monuskin) £25 
Gelish Nails £15
Gelish Toes £15
Manicure £15
Pedicure £15
Half An Hour Back Massage £15
1 Hour Body Massage £25
Acrylic nails & Gel. £20
Lash Lift £25




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Monday 9:30 - 21:30
Tuesday 9:30 - 20:00
Wednesday 9:30 - 21:30
Thursday 9:30 - 21:30
Friday 9:30 - 19:00
Saturday 9:30 - 16:00